Call to Arms! – Time Of Legends Part 2

Balhae: Gather at Castle Blackthorn on Saturday 20th at 10pm KOR / 3pm UTC

Formosa: Gather at Castle Blackthorn on Sunday 21st at 9pm TW / 3pm UTC

Once again Hawkwind, the Timelord, needs your help! Assemble in the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn to meet with him.

This is the second of a series of events accompanying the upcoming Time Of Legends Expansion. Additional fiction can be found at:

Screenshots of the first event in this series can be found at:

阿福末日地下城的蓝宝石眼活动(Formosa The Sapphire Eye of Dungeon Doom Global Event)

大家好, (Hello Everyone) こんにちは

The Sapphire Eye of Dungeon Doom (末日地下城的蓝宝石眼活动)ダンジョンドゥームのサファイアアイ

这是一连串的活动,第一部分. (This is part one of a chain of Global event)これは、グローバルイベントのチェーンの一部である1

星期天五月二十四日晚上九点 (Sunday 24th May 9pm TW// 22:00 JPN & KOR/ 9am EST / 2pm CET)日曜日の5月24日22:00 JPN


地點 (Location): 黑刺不列顛城堡的庭院 (Britain Blackthorn Castle Courtyard)



千万不要错过!!! (Dun miss it !!!)お見逃しなく!


釣魚比賽週(Fishing Contest Week)

大家好(Hello Everyone)

釣魚比賽週 (Fishing Contest Week)



從三月二十四日到四月四日 (From 24th march to 4th april)
你可以嘗試抓魚(you can start trying to catch fish)

試圖抓住重的魚(The Most heavy Fish in weight)

或者最輕的魚(The Most light Fish in weight)

我們努力尋找阿福2015最重的漁的漁夫( We looking for Formosa Fisherman who catch 2015 biggest fish)
和阿福2015最輕的魚的漁夫(Also the smallest fish catch for 2015)

請在這裡放您的魚(Please Submit your fish here in the mailbox)


謝謝你(Thank You)

阿福农历新年活动(Formosa Lunar New Year Event)

大家好 (Hello Everyone)

阿福农历新年活动 (Formosa Chinese Lunar New Year Event)

农历新年活动(Chinese Lunar New Year Event)
二月十七日星期二晚上九点(17th February Tuesday 9pm TW/ 22:00 JPN)
地点(Location) : Britain 城 EM 大厅的屋子 (Hall)

EM 在这里提前祝大家农历新年快樂,恭喜發財 !!!! 记得来啊!!

EM Here in advance wishing everyone a Happy chinese new year, may you have great fortune !! Remember to come for the event !!!